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Improve Your Practice with Wellness Plans

Wellness plans benefit both you and your clients. With affordable monthly payments, co-pay options and customized plans, TruePet gives you the power to tailor a wellness plan program to your community’s needs. 


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Pet Wellness Plans
Wellness Plan Administration
Veterinary Wellness Plan Software
Wellness Plan Sample Contracts and Brochures

We want you to be successful and when you enroll with our program, you’ll get the full support of our staff, software and marketing materials. We’ll share examples of plans and pricing so that you can learn how other successful hospitals have built their programs and determine how to price for your practice. The average TruePet hospital enrolls over 160 plans per full time doctor in the first year and experiences a very low default rate. 


Healthier pets / Increased patient visits. 
High touch, long term relationships with clients.
Increased annual diagnostic services and improved patient care. 


Offset slow seasons with reliable monthly revenue. 
Increased bottom line profits.
Increased market value and salability of the practice. 


Internet based software that interfaces with any practice mana-
gement system. No double entry or duplication. Fully automated.
Assigned coordinator to assist through program set up, imple-
mentation and Practice launch. 
Custom marketing materials design and set up.



Management and staff training including client presentations.



Don't worry! We'll help you get your existing plans transferred over without any additional fees for you or your clients. You'll be able to backload plans and mark any services already used as unavailable. In a matter of weeks, we'll have you all set up with TruePet and ready to enroll new clients! 


All clients are enrolled inside the practice to assure that the correct plan is chosen and to minimize unscrupulous activity experienced when enrolling from a website.


The client can cancel at any time, but they are always responsible for services used. 


The client payment information, plan activity and adminis- tration are under control of the practice to ensure that the hospital has full control and ownership of clients information. 


The client contract is between the hospital and the client to ensure hospital staff are the only ones communicating with your clients.


The software allows the hospital to enable early ser-vices, change their plans anytime, allow clients to add additional items to any plan and make changes to monthly payments. 


About The TruePet Wellness Program


We know that there are many choices when selecting a company to assist in the set-up and mainagement of your wellness program. Whatever company you select, it is important to ask the right questions. As a courtesy, we have provided a checklist of important questions to ask regarding the necessary features as well as other topics that you may not have yet considered when implementing a successful wellness program. Simply fill out the for and we will direct you to the checklist!



Every business owner wants to save money, but many times the value of the experience and direction far outweigh any money that you may or may not save. Without help, the learning curve when creating, implementing, and managing a successful wellness program can be quite steep. Take it from us, we tried for years to manage our hospital program in-house and will share with you the obstacles that we faced.


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